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Alessandra Bonoli was born in 1956 in Faenza Italy, where she lives and works. In 1975 she graduated from the State Institute of Ceramic Art in Faenza and, in 1979, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna Italy.

My research stems from a passion for archeology, which led me to travel to sixty countries around the world. Among the ruins of ancient civilizations, I took notes, wrote poems and made plans for my sculptures.
Our ancients' lesson led me to see sculpture not only as an object to look at, but rather as a plastic spaceto be inhabited, where one could enter (both visually and physically) and interact with. A space in relation to nature and above all, to the sky, forwhichthe spacewould become a channel: a thread connecting the sky to the earth, the world of the invisible divine to the world of the visiblehuman.
Water is also an important element, which I often use in my installations. It is our primordial habitat, capable of reflecting and transporting, even memory.
What fascinates meabout ancient buildingsis the powerful geometry of sacred architectures, that challenges time and seems to embrace, within it, the whole mystery of the world.
My aimwould be to create large installations, with pathways both above and below the ground, vertically or horizontally. My shapes/spaces are deliberately essential, but not minimalist. Their bodies grow out of the traces of simple archetypes, in which vertical, horizontal, diagonal, circular, square, rhombic or triangular lines have formed the basis of architectural and plasticgeometry over time. A geometry that is never an end to itself (except in modern times) but rather in harmony with the world 'of the soul'.
To me color is very important, since every shape seeks its own color, and couldn’t have a different one. There is no same red, blue, green, oryellow; each color has infinite unique variations. Besides, I am interested in painted sculpture because it puts me in relationwith ancient sculpture, in the way it was first conceived.
The materials I use are: terracotta, colored concrete, oxidized or painted iron and sandstone. Some of these sculptures were made in large scale and others, on the contrary, in a medium or small format, both as prototypes and finished sculptures. Some of these have been turned into wearable jewelry.
I've chosen to work with heavy materials (carving stone, welding metalsand trimming them with an angle grinder, creating formworks for concrete and then shaping these by hand, or casting large structureswith clay andpropping them up with wooden scaffolding) because the contact with the material substancestimulates me to dream and always to searchfor new solutions. Furthermore, these sculptures were created mainly for the outdoor space, to challenge the weather, and cannot be ephemeral if the intention is to last in time.

Solo Shows


In bilico sempre, by V.Tassinari, Spazio Lavì!City – Bologna I


Hibernation, by S. Moretto, text D. A. Collovini, Ancient Icebox - Montegaldella Vi I

TreArtisteTre, by G. Bonomi, Fortress of Umbertide - Umbertide Pg I


Towers of Silence, by A. Oggiano, text D.Spinosa, E-EMME Space - Cagliari I


Thunderbolts (permanent installation), by G. Pedullà e P. Fragomeni, Cavone Square - Siderno Superiore RC I

Kiss (permanent installation), by U. Corsucci, Sculpture Museum - Montefiore Conca Rn I

Notes from the woods, by G. Fiumi, "Molinella" Civic Gallery of Modern Art - Faenza Ra I

Alessandra Bonoli, by A.Gamba, LIBA Gallery - Pontedera Pi I


Coordinate - vertical notes, by A. Cochetti, Poerio Study Research and Documentation – Roma I

Die Struktur des unsichtbaren, by I. Mangold, Landratsamt Ostalbkreis Bildung und Kultur Aalen De


Bonoli/Salti - Artist Residence, by J. Bildhauer, Gold and Silver Forum – Schwabisch Gmund De

Perimeter and Libra, by Anna Oggiano, Spazio (In)Visibile – Cagliari I

A seguire…, by D. Collovini, La Bottega Gallery  Gorizia I


Drop (permanent installation), by E. Nonni, Open-Air Museum of the City - Faenza Ra I

Aerolite (permanent installation), by E. Nonni, MUST Museum – Faenza Ra I


Paesaggi Scultòrei, TaroniVazquez Park – Lugo Ra I


Alessandra Bonoli - Magnets, by E. Manzoni, text V.Coen, Ex Blocchiera – Tortolì OG I

Magnet (permanent installation), by E. Manzoni, V. Coen, Contemporary Art Museum Su Logu De S'Iscultura - Tortolì Og I


The Silence of Numbers, by M.Bonaffini, Santa Chiara Cloister – Modena I

Spatial Dynamics, by V.Coen, Castle of Riolo Terme Ra I


Algebra and Nerves, by M. Bonaffini, Raffaello Ex College  Engraving Museum – Urbino I


Menhir ( permanent installation), by Xeno, Perusini Estate - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Corno of Rosazzo Udine I

Duality (with M.Onorato), by G. Bonomi, Scoglio di Quarto Gallery – Milano I

First Prize of Sculpture R. Addamiano, Free Accademy V.Viviani Nova Milanese – Milano I


Menhir, by Xeno, San Nicolò Church – Cormons  Ud  I

Al di fuori delle mappe - sculptures and poetries, by  M.Bonaffini,  Spezzano Castle – Modena I

Bothros ( permanent installation), by M. Bonaffini, Ascom Office Small Square of Commerce, Lugo Ra I


Scultura (with G. Ruggero), by  P. Tsolakos, Modern Art Gallery   Faenza  Ra  I

Cosmogony - drawings and sculptures, by  M. Colombo, Spazio Danseei – Olgiate Olona Varese  I

Coordinates - sculptures and poetry, by  M. Bonaffini, Ass.Cult.LoSguardodell'Altro – Modena  I

For a Sculpture' s Museum (permanent installation), by G. Bonomi, Ranghiasci Park – Gubbio Pg I


I'm park - permanent installations, Cetra Visual Arts Sector Park  - Castel Bolognese  Ravenna  I


Ousia - space matter time ( permanent installations ), by A. Cochetti, Albornoz Palace Hotel  Park - Spoleto   I

Rullo/Bilanciere (permanent installations), by  M. Campani, Public Garden of Punta Marina – Ravenna    I


Omphalos mnemonico, by  M. Bonaffini, Ex Salumificio Pagliani – Modena   I


Sculptures in the park, by  G.R. Manzoni,  Ros's house    San Benedetto Pò  Mantova   I

Threshold (permanent installation), by  G.R. Manzoni, Municipal Park  Mirabello  Ferrara   I

We clench fists and teeth – sculptures  poetry and  music, sculptures and texts by A. Bonoli, music by H.J. Gerung, voice by Z.Vincenzi, St. Domenico's Cloister   Faenza  Ra  I


Skulptur-Malerei (with S. Costantini), Projektraum  Triloff   Colonia  D

Bonoli, by A. Gamba, LIBA Gallery   Pontedera  Pi  I

Contemporanea-mente, by  M.R. Bentini, In Albis Ex Church  Russi  Ra I


Sculptures in the city - Bonoli, Minoli, Munari (permanent installations), by  C.Cerritelli, Civic Museum  Riva del Garda - Trento  I

Hagakure (permanent installation), by G.R. Manzoni, Tempo Reale - Brunnenburg  Castle   Merano  Bolzano   I

Impronte, by  C. Cerritelli, Arciduca  di Arco Park  Arco  Trento  I


Silent language of art (with R.Berardi, G. Pellegrini), by  L. Mango, Galerie Nijehove  An Diepenheime NL


Universal Key (permanent installation), by  G.R. Manzoni,  Cà Vecchia Park   Voltana  Ravenna  I


Revelation / 2, by  C. Cerritelli,  Butti Museum   Viggiù Varese  I


Erratic lines of Underground Waters, Bockley Gallery Minneapolis  USA    


Sculptures and projects, 420 WB Gallery  – Ravenna  I

Group Shows


5a Sculpture Biennial: - in the water, in the square , by Pino Pin, texts Carla Chiara Frigo and Elio Armano, Piazzola sul Brenta PD I

Au-delà de l'infini/0ltre l'infinito, by A.Cochetti, Institut Français Centre Saint Louis - Roma I

Mail Art - Musèe Utopique de l'Arbre, Nassogne - Belgio

Oltre la superficie, la materia diventa linguaggio - Scultura in Emilia Romagna, by S.Malossini, Halle des Chartrons - Bordeaux FR


M@D> - Monza Arte Diffusa, by M. Galbiati and LeoGalleries, Villa Archinto Pennati - Monza I


Artistica. L'emozione femminile nelle arti, by S.Malossini, Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region - Bologna I

Festa Internazionale dell'Arte a Bologna e Dintorni (Infinitamente Allargati), by S. Malossini, Zangheri House - Castel San Pietro Bo I


"Saluti da...", by M.C. Antonini, Donne ad Arte Academy of Fine Arts - Napoli I 


Tutti i pani del mondo, by A. B. Del Guercio, Fondazione Sassi di Matera – Matera I

4a Sculpture Biennial: in the water, in the square, by Pino Pin, texts C. Cerritelli - Piazzola sul Brenta Pd I


Night voices, by F.Stucchi, Spazio Danseei – Olgiate Olona Va I


3a Sculpture Biennial: in the water, in the square , by P. Pin, texts A. Golfarelli - Piazzola sul Brenta Pd I

LIBA 1997 – 2017 twenty years of activity, by A. Gamba, Villa Crastan – Pontedera Pi


Paragone Antico Contemporaneo, by A. Marchi, D. Montanari – Fortezza of San Leo Rn I


2a Sculpture Biennial: in the air, in the water, in the square, by P. Pin, texts V. Coen – Piazzola sul Brenta Pd I

Symbiosis – Open art between nature and history, by A. Cochetti - Natural Reserve of Pietraporciana Si I

Mirroring – mirror in the goddess, by A. Golfarelli – Oratory of San Sebastiano Forlì I

Contemporary – Space to space, by O. Dominguez – Arte Fiera di Forlì I


Canned Art, by A. Cochetti, MUDITAC - Roma I


International Biennial of Sculpture - Pensare lo Spazio: Dialogo tra Natura e Immaginazione, by C.Cerritelli, Royal Castle – Racconigi To I

Sintassi Contemporanee dalle Raccolte del Museo, by C. Rizzi, Parisi Valle Museum – Maccagno I


Square Project – Multimedia Exhibition 2012, by F. Agostinelli, Casa della musica - Cervignano del Friuli Ud, St. George Theater – Udine I

Concours de Sculpture Aktikulti Commune de Steinfort – Luxemburg

Of art… of Parks…and of Other Stories, by A. Cochetti, Studio Poerio – Roma I

My Individualism – homage to the poet Natsume Soseki, Spazio Danseei – Olgiate Olona Va


Exhibition of the 8 Finalists of the 2012 CubeCultura Award – International Sculpture Competition, by GrupoCube, Galleria CurroyPoncho – Guadalajara Mexico

Segno DiVino – copritappi d’artista, Sukya Gallery – Lamezia Terme Cz I


Casciana Scultura – Benetton, Bonoli, Cascella, Staccioli, by LIBA Gallery – Casciana Terme PI I

8 Sculptresses in the fortress - by G. Bojani, Bastione Sangallo – Fano PU I


Suggestions – poetic and thematic from the museum collections - by C.Rizzi, Museo Civico Parisi Valle-Maccagno Va I


Acquisitions 2008, by C. Rizzi, Museo Civico Parisi Valle – Maccagno Va I


Italian Carousel /Contemporary Art, by A. Mistrangelo, C. Rizzi, Palazzo Boglietti – Biella I Vecchia Pretura – Castell’Arquato Pc I


Environmental sculptures for the city - between utopia and imagination from the 44th edition of the Suzzara Prize, by C. Cerritelli - B. Bandini - L. Sansone, Starter Onlus – Milano I

From earth to sky… from sky to earth, by G. R. Manzoni – Pescherie della Rocca – Lugo Ra I

Materika, by C. Cerritelli - P.Weiermair, Gorizia Castle – Gorizia I, Kromberk Castle – Nova Gorica Sl

XXIV Biennial of Gubbio – for a museum of sculpture (permanent installations) by G.Bonomi, Parco Ranghiasci – Gubbio


Light beyond form, by D.Collovini, Gallery Ai Molini Portogruaro Ve I, Peccolo Gallery Livorno I, Casabianca Museum – Malo Vi I, ArteStudio Clocchiatti - Udine I, Folini Arte Contemporanea – Chiasso CH 

44th Suzzara Prize Edition, by C.Cerritelli, Award Gallery – Suzzara Mn I


La durata dello sguardo, by  F.Agostinelli, ArteStudio Clocchiatti – Udine  I

Da Cage a J. Cage, by F. Stucchi, Spazio Danseei – Olgiate Olona Va I

Artist Rooms, by E. De Albentis, ArtEhotel – Perugia I

Il Giardino dell'Arte, opere permanenti nei giardini dell'Istituto d'Arte F.Faccio – Castellamonte To

Artist Books for M. Yourcenar, by A. Cochetti, Biblioteca Multimediale A.Savinio – Roma I

Lo sguardo dell'albatros, by P.  M. Turchetti - M. Brunelli, Castello di Frontone PU I, C.cetra settore arti visive – Castel Bolognese Ra I


3rd International Sculpture Award of the Piemonte Region, by C.Cerritelli, San Filippo Neri Gallery – Torino I, Minucci Solaini Palace – Volterra I

Rose's Choice, by L.Alviani, Mida Museum – Scontrone Aq I

I linguaggi dell'arte nel 2000 – 2°, by M.Raciti, Circolo Culturale Bertolt Brecht – Milano I


Roundabout – arte per le rotatorie stradali, by A. Sibilia, Arte Fiera Forlì I

Exit 5 - to R.Vitali, by Ass. Cult. C. Voltaire, ControinaiP – Bologna I

Cosmographies – the I the Matter the Time, by A. Cochetti, Parisi Palace – Monteprandone Ap I

In the Drawing – the seer hand, by V. Tassinari, Studio G7 – Bologna I, Galleria Maria Cilena – Milano I, Maurizio Corraini – Mantova I


Lavoro e lavori - artisti nella Romagna ravennate tra 900 e 2000, by A.Savini, CGIL- Ravenna I

Exit 0002 o dell’alterità, by M. Miretti, Campo delle Fragole – Bologna I

The mirror of Venere, by L.Mastrangelo, Campo delle Fragole – Bologna I


The ways of construction – sculpture practices in Italy, by C.Cerritelli, Riva del Garda e Arco Tn I

The train of the parks - around the water, by A.Taddei, Bastione degli Spagnoli - L'Aquila I


Menù Turistico, by E. Di Mauro, Galleria Comunale Salara - Bologna I


The silent language of art, by L Mango, L'Idioma Centro d'Arte – Ascoli Piceno I

Bonoli, Minoli, Munari – sculptures for the city (permanent installations) by C. Cerritelli, Museo Civico – Riva del Garda Tn I


Between weight and lightness – figures of abstract sculpture in Italy, by C.Cerritelli, Cantù Co I

Comparisons with sculpture, by C. Cerritelli, Palazzolo sull'Olio – Bs I


Young Contemporary Art, by C. Cerritelli – L.Somaini, Castle of Sartirana Lomellina – Pv I


Contemporary Collection – donations bequests acquisitions, by C.Spadoni, Pinacoteca Comunale – Ravenna I

The most recent acquisitions of the Modern Art Gallery A. Bonzagni, by V.Tassinari – Cento Fe I

Fondamenta, by L.Mango, Salone San Carlo Vercelli I, Arti Visive Gallery – Roma I

Disgregante/Aggregante, by A. Cochetti, Raccani Arroni Palace – Spoleto I

Unexplored sculpture, by C. Cerritelli, Sede Editrice Questarte – Pescara I

Raume Voller Kunst, Zolesi Galery – Herrsching D

Cardini, by G.R.Manzoni, Villa Carcina – Carcina Bs I

Volkerwanderung, by P.M.Rabiger, Galerie Im Park – Bremen D


Contemporary Art in Bologna – 1a Biennial, Re Enzo Palace – Bologna I

Cammino verso il linguaggio, by C.Cerritelli-L.Mango, Auditorium De Ferrari – Moconesi Ge

XXX11 National Art Biennial City of Milano – new materials section, by A.Ghinzani, Napoleonic Hall of Brera – Milano I


Dialogue on sculpture, by C. Cerritelli – P. Fossati, Castle of Sartirana Lomellina Pv I

XXI Biennial of Sculpture in Gubbio, by M.Vescovo – G. Bonomi, Gubbio Pg I

Autarchica, by I. Tomassoni, Fortezza Medicea – Cortona Ar I

Corrispondenze del sensibile, by G.R. Manzoni, P.Restany, Ex Asili – Lugo Ra I


Fiumara d'Arte, Galleria dei Banchi Nuovi – Roma I

Matter and Symbols: 10 Years of European Art, by M.Vescovo, Palazzo Esposizioni - Faenza I


Figure e Forme dell'immaginario, by M. Vescovo, Ex Stalloni – Reggio Emilia I

Aart – Images for a Collection, by C. Cerritelli, Circolo Artistico – Bologna I

Avamposti, by M. Vescovo, Galerija Studenskog Centra - Zagabria Yu

I quaderni del San Sebastiano, by B. Bandini, Oratorio di San Sebastiano – Forlì I

The dream of matter, by M.Vescovo, S. Maria delle Croci – Ravenna I


Contemporary Italian Abstraction, by A. B. Del Guercio, Città di Alatri Fr I

Arte Fiera – Basilea CH

Concorso Fiumara d'Arte, Santo Stefano di Camastra Me I

Biennial of Stia Sculpture, by A.B. DelGuercio, Stia Ar I


Arte Fiera – Bologna I

Abstraction of the Pictorial Structure/of the Painted Sculpture, by A. B. Del Guercio, Sala Uno – Roma,
Mercato del Sale – Milano, Bockley Gallery - Minneapolis USA, Studio School - New York USA


Una Nuovissima Generazione nell'Arte Italiana, by E. Crispolti, Fortezza Medicea – Siena I


Biennale Giovani, by C.Cerritelli, GAM – Bologna I


In campo aperto, by C.Cerritelli, Centro Mascarella – Bologna I


Aletheia/lethe - l'immaginale pagano, by A. Baccilieri, Massari Park – Ferrara I, Palazzo Albertini – Forlì I, Loggetta Lombardesca – Ravenna I


Accursia, by C.Pozzati, Accursio Palace – Bologna I


Rassegna Quadro Giovani 79, Galleria San Fedele – Milano I

The creative use of ceramic, by F.Gualdoni, Fagnano Olona Va I